He Says: the reason you’re single is cus you party too much

17 Feb

Eligible male bachelor @DNGeezy has decided to let y’all know why yall single over on Mamachel’s blog. Check it out, i’ll wait.

Are we back? Good. Now, the reason I said eligible bachelor is because he is a single, dark chocolate, manly man type of brotha who only needs to tweet that he’s hungry or he needs a massage and endless e-panties are thrown his direction. With this kind of response, we can see why he has this type of ego to tell y’all why y’all single. Did you catch the part where he said he was single too tho? Because he’s a workaholic? *side eye*

Now, he says you’re single because you got too much of an ego which is obviously the reason here that applies to himself without knowing who we are. We’re over hyped and too self assured and no man wants to take on all of that. But the truth is that most females are only fronting and will fall hard at the feet of the right man. We get all giggly, we turn to putty and run around like fools for the man that puts it down right.

He also says you’re too fat. Boy sa’down and don’t let me cuss you out. I am not single and I am fat. I’m not gonna get into this with him At. All. He moves on to cuss out the page 2 hoes socialites that are out every week to every social event. These ladies are all slim, hot, sexy women who make their own money and live on their own. This is where I’m gonna agree with him. We tend to attract exactly what we are. If you’re a socialite, you’re gonna attract the men that see you on the scene and want a piece of that ass. Socialite men don’t want a long term relationship. Socialite men want a piece of ass. They want you to hang off their arm at one or two events and then Thy’ll drop you and move on to the next flavour of the week. They need everybody to see that they’re players and they can conquer all. 

The “good man” that you’re seeking won’t touch you with a two foot pole because he can’t keep up with that lifestyle nor does he want to. He kicks it at a local spot with his friends on a Friday, goes to the occasional party here or there and watches football on a Sunday. He is not out every Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat and he doesn’t want a woman who is because he sees her as expensive and high maintenance. He knows you will try to bring him into your whirlwind of a world and he has no intentions of going there with you and doesn’t feel like being nagged or told he’s boring. You gotta slow down your lifestyle or be the flavour of the week. Its up to you.

Now, I don’t see anything wrong with being the party girl, I was on the scene a lot myself back in the day till I got knocked up. The point is, it was back in the day. I was young and fun and flirty with a socialite man on my arm that I thought was all about me. He wasn’t. They never are. Trust me nuh man. If you’re looking for a stable relationship you gotta switch it up. Also, 30 year old socialites are not the business. I just can’t see how you have time to go out every night and still keep your daytime profitable…naah mean?

G’s last point is his best. A relationship is nothing but work! You have to be willing to put in the time. Its gonna feel easy in the beginning, that butterfly stage always rocks. But people who’ve been married for any length of time will tell you how many compromises had to be made, how many battles were dropped, how many 4 million dollar rings were bought. this is another post for another day though…I’ma let you simmer on that socialite bit.

Irie peeps…do you agree? Why do you think socialites remain single? Should they slow down? Or do you think they should/will find a man that can keep up? Share your thoughts…


4 Responses to “He Says: the reason you’re single is cus you party too much”

  1. Mamachel February 17, 2011 at 9:52 pm #

    I love the way you broke it down !!! Imma need to add you to my blog roll

  2. WillAlexRep February 26, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    What I find lamest is the TERRIBLE conversations!

    If a girl can’t carry a conversation, you will most likely be single for ages … like we need to be able to talk, man. Then again, I’m not sure I want to listen to anyone chatting for 2 hours non-stop either. (That has also happened … needless to say, I didn’t call back.)

    All that said, I like this blog, Irie. Keep it going because I always sneak away to catch up on everything once time presents itself.


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